Looking for a no-cover place to dance in NYC.
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Looking for a good place to dance (with no cover) in NYC.

My friend is coming down for the weekend and wants to go dancing in the city. Most clubs I've run across charge a cover, and I have no desire to blow $10-$20 on a random club that may or may not suck.

Anyone know good places with cover-free dancing in Manhattan?
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You should run down to your newsstand and pick up the current copy (July 3-9) of Time Out New York. The cover article is "Where to Dance! We've got 53 of the best spots, indoor and out."
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Or just read it here.
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I haven't lived in NYC for ~four years, but I used to dance at Salon bOb [sic] on Eldridge Street, just below Houston. It's down the street from Sapphire Lounge, which is less intimate and usually more annoying.
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bOb charges $5 at the door now. which isn't terrible expensive but there's not much of a dance floor, it's just a bar space.
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It might also help to state what kind of dancing you're looking for to help narrow it down. It's cool if you don't really care, but people can throw out a bunch of club suggestions; and besides it charging a cover or no, that's still a lot of clubs/parties/dancing venues in the city. Like are you looking for Jersey fistpump-type dance clubs? Hipster kids moving their hands in front of their faces to the (non)beat of "OOOHooohWWAHHwaaahhh" club dj music? Someone spinning old school hip hop joints? Mash up parties? Salsa parties?

Check out GHBtv's event page. They list several ongoing parties that fall under different genres and more "omnidancing" I suppose. At least if you can look up the dj you can see who's party you might want to attend. Sometimes you get a name dj, sometimes it's the "after party" for a band that's in town meaning maybe a bandmember from your favorite band might play some of their favorite songs for an hour or all night depending on who it is and if they're in the mood. Also depending on the party you can either get much cheaper advance tickets or "RSVP" via email for no cover whatsoever.
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