Is there a way to flip the contents of a DVD window in Windows XP to create a constantly playing mirror image?
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Is there a way to horizontally flip the contents of a window in Windows XP (or, specifically, in PowerDVD or a program that plays DVDs) to create a mirror image of that entire window's contents? Any type of solution would be welcome, except for facing the monitor towards an actual mirror. I'm playing an instructional dance DVD, and I need to watch the mirror image.
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VLC supports flipping video. I don't have a DVD player on the computer, but I suspect it will work.

Just do this: before you load the video, choose Settings -> Preferences from the menu. On the tree widget to the left, choose General Settings -> Video. Then, choose Video Transformation filter from the Video Filter module on the right side of the screen. THEN, back on the left tree widget thing, choose Modules -> Video Filter -> Transform, and choose "Flip Vertically" on the Transform Type drop down list.

Now, start your video. You have to do all of this work before the video starts, as VLC can't change anything during playback.
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Response by poster: That's perfect; it's exactly what I needed. A thousand thanks.
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