Family vacation spot in Pennsylvania or New York
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I'm trying to arrange an extended family vacation in between Southern Ohio and Western, Massachusetts. Where can we go that makes us all (reasonably) happy?

My mother's 70th birthday. I have four siblings between 35 and 50. Each of the siblings have kids that skew young (4-9). Counting the parents we're looking at ten adults and seven kids. We'd like to occupy an entire house, cook for ourselves, have some outdoor activities although we're none too sporty and generally relax. The location does not need to be directly in the middle of the two places.

I've thought about Lake George (closer to us) but I'm having trouble locating specific properties. We've looked at Chataqua without much success. We're looking at a weekend in May so it should still be relatively off-season.
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How about the Finger Lakes? Skaneateles Lake is beautiful and lots of people rent out their lakefront properties. You can charter a car/van/bus to do the Finger Lakes wine tour. There's lots of hiking in the area, Ithaca is a great daytrip, and of course there's watersports on the lake (that deep fresh water will still be pretty cold in May though!). Flights from MA or OH would take you to Syracuse.
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Seconding Finger Lakes. Check options via Craigslist.
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Stay in the Poconos. You can get a cabin. When kids get bored of the outdoors take them to Hershey Park. When adults get bored, drive on down to Amish country.
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I like the Catskills a lot. Kind of deserted, but it's beautiful. Insanely beautiful, really. And pretty cheap to stay.
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