Early electronic "learning" doohickey?
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My friend from grade school was just profiled on Time.com. We met in 4th grade in 1979 over an electronic learning toy in class. It was white plastic, had a smoked plexiglass cover, spherical in shape but possibly on a pedestal. Help me identifiy it so I can remind him of it!
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I can't help you with the toy but I've been looking at his work on dimensional representations of chordal music today (it was featured on Slashdot) and it's really beautiful, so I hope someone can help you out. (To others, watch the Chopin movies on his site).

Maybe a FPP about this?
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It was a game, I remember it, and I remember it was used on Buck Rogers - ostensibly because it looked so FUTURISTIC.

But I'm no help with the name.
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Best answer: Is it this? Computer Perfection?

If it isn't this, then I would be surprised if it isn't in the 1979 Sears Wish book.
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Computer Perfection was actually used on Buck Rogers! And this guy invented it (or the technology that went into it, not sure).
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Response by poster: Bingo! Thank you :)
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