How do I decipher French addresses?
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HELP, I don't understand French addresses. If a return address (written horizontally on the back of the envelope) reads:
##### Poubro St Wervant/Oust FRANCE
what part of that is the street address, what part is the town, and what part is the district/region?

The above are the fields on the French online white pages. A fast answer would be appriciated as it is already almost 6:30pm there.


That should be St Servants not St Wervants

Alternatively, if you happen to be in France, have a telephone directory for Brittany, and are willing to help a fellow MeFite out, send me an e-mail. Please
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The five digits before the city are the postal code, e.g.
25000 Besançon
of which the first two digits are the numbers for the département -- e.g. "25" refers to the Doubs.

(There's sometimes a CEDEX after the city, and another couple of digits -- think of that as a nine-digit zip.)

The street address should be above that line, so your typical French address could read something like this wholly imaginary one:

32 rue des Foufounes sales
75429 Paris CEDEX 15

Another possibility is that the European code may be used as a prefix to the five-digit postal code -- e.g. F-75014 Paris.
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So, Poubro is the city? I can't find the city code for that
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According to Wikipedia, Oust is a commune of the Ariège département. The Ariège is in the Midi-Pyrénées region.
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All right, thanks everyone, I've got the number I need!
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Just to add a note: some rural addresses in France are nothing more than the person's name, the name of what may be nothing more than a nearby crossroads (formerly a village in the case below), a postal code and the nearest town. My father-in-law is one such person:

Jacques Beaupère
03320 Lurcy-Levis
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Hm. Actually, if some one here happens to be in France or, even better, Brittany France, and 1. has a paypal account and 2. is willing to arrange a gift delievery by placing an order with a local service (international services charge way too much) please email me (in my profile).
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man, i want to be semi-lost in france right now. lucky bastard.
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