Short runs of vinyl LPs
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My band is looking to release a short run (100 to 500 copies for now) of our album on vinyl (12" LP format). Does anyone here have any experience doing this? Where did you go for the pressings, and approx how much did it cost?
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A friend's band has done this through MMSDirect. Not sure of the cost but I believe the site has details after you fill in some variables--either that or you can mail them for a quote. They're probably not the cheapest but they're very pro from what I understand.
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GZ Digital Media are arguably the best and cheapest pressing plant in Europe - and don't be put off by the fact that they're in the Czech Republic and you're in Canada, they still work out to be pretty cheap. They have an online instant quotation form, but it's slightly out of date in terms of price (but more less good for ballpark figures). Pressing 200 LPs works out to be only about 20 dollars more than pressing 100, such is the economy of scale. I'm using them right now for a run of 200, and they're very helpful and friendly. I know lots of other UK labels that have had similarly good experiences with them.
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...also, check out Fat Cat's DIY resource centre. The label is UK based, but the DIY site is a treasure trove of good information from around the world.
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Morphius and United Record Pressing. Shop around.
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