Not in the broccoli?
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From whence the phrase "oohh, not in the broccoli" spoken in a stereotype ESL japanese speaker accent?

As a kid in the 80s we used this phrase when someone had a accident resulting in things flying all over. EG: bumping a full plate of the table or knocking a bag of groceries down the stairs.

I fairly sure it originated from a movie/tv, probably a kung fu type show where someone ends up landing on a stack of boxes of broccoli. Anyone know which show?
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i remember this too.....

it was a scene where some psuedo-toughs are trashing a store. it might have been the Last Dragon?
posted by gnutron at 10:35 AM on March 8, 2008

I'm pretty sure it's from one of the Police Academy movies, probably either 1 or 2.
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Best answer: Yep. Police Academy 2.
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Response by poster: That is probably it.
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Mod note: Fixed Jakey's link, which has a key clip from the movie; check out 2:19 for the line.
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