Where are the 'moon trees' located?
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'Moon trees' were trees grown from seeds that orbited the moon onboard Apollo 14. Two trees were given to each US state to honor the bicentennial festivities in 1976 but no list of locations was kept. Now a NASA scientist is trying to track them down. I'd like to find one in Rhode Island but he's missing quite a few. Anyone know of one not on his list?
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First off, I don't know. I emailed my forestry department in Vermont to see. Second, this would make a pretty cool MetaFilter post, if you were so inclined. There are a lot of weird articles about Moon Trees out there.
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Response by poster: I thought of posting it to the blue but figured it'd been posted already. A search just now shows its already been double posted actually :-) Back in 2002 though. Maybe I'll email Matt and see what he thinks. I was just hoping the AskMeFi crowd might know of some. Thanks for emailing the forestry dept in VT... I hadn't thought of that one. I emailed a few historical societies in RI but haven't got a response from any yet. I think I'm in danger of developing "moon tree hunting" as a new hobby.
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I also think this is a fine topic for the blue. Just be certain to own the fact that it is a repeat front page post.
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Note from your link: These trees were southern and western species, so not all states received trees.

Some Googling turned up this article from Hurley, N.Y. about a recent moon tree donation.
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Since it's been over a year, I think a post in the blue would be fine. For best results, a) add something that wasn't in the previous posts/threads, and b) note the previous posts, either in your post, or in a [more inside] comment.
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Wow, where are the Minnesota moon trees? I wonder if all state capitols were given some--I see that the Washington State capitol has one. Very cool concept, thanks!
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This is *way* cool, and definitely repeat-front-page-post-worthy.
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Is it just me dreaming about sending in an insurance claim stating that you drove into a Moon Tree? ;)
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more on Moon trees

Heck, Jason, we're building your FPP for you right now!
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From jazon's link, here's a list of moon trees:
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Which of course repeats what you posted. Opps, got to get my brain out of hibernation.
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