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Where on the internets can I find HD raw footage of the Apollo programme? (for free)

...particularly footage of the LM leaving the CSM.

There's plenty of video around but it all seems to be low res, low quality tape transfer.
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If the footage exists, it will be in the When We Left Earth series.
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Response by poster: In specific, I was looking for raw footage that could be downloaded.
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Googling "apollo video lm csm" reveals several hits. The first one if an .ogg file of the Apollo 15 CSM moving away from the LM.
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Best answer: You can find some bits and pieces here; I haven't watched it myself. It says there is HD footage coming in September.
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Never mind, I think it's just a comparison of the before and after for the restoration.
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Sorry for the triple post. The first and last sections of video indeed have highlights in HD.
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NASA accidentally erased the original tapes and is in the process of restoring footage recorded from television broadcasts.
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Response by poster: Yes, video was shot but so was several miles worth of 16mm. The footage of the LM leaving the CSM was shot by the Data Acquisition Camera, which I believe was loaded with 16mm.

I know HD transfers of this footage exist because I've seen plenty of it recently. I assumed it might be available from NASA's site, but I've yet to find it.
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Is this the page you were looking for?
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Response by poster: It must have been Friday madness. God knows where I saw the HD telecine, if I did at all.
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