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I remember seeing something, somewhere, that allowed non HTML savvy people to add a basic markup to text. This text is then parsed into valid HMTL by a javascript or PHP (perhaps) script. I can't refind it. Can you?
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Dean Allen's Textile?
posted by riffola at 3:27 AM on July 7, 2004

It's probably Textile or Markdown.
posted by misterioso at 5:38 AM on July 7, 2004

Or do you mean one of the WYSIWIG editors like FCKeditor?
posted by ook at 6:42 AM on July 7, 2004

Response by poster: Well riffola was on the pulse with Textile, but ook, that's the best free WYSIWYG editor I've seen, and may be worth a try.

Thanks all
posted by ajbattrick at 8:24 AM on July 7, 2004

Could well be anything to do with Structured Text, reStructured Text, or various other wikimarkup.

FCKeditor doesn't work in Opera.

I use reST extensively. It's a righteous markup standard.
posted by five fresh fish at 10:09 AM on July 7, 2004

textile has always been weird to me, are people that don't know html really wanting to use span, class, and id? and if they are why do they hate gt/lt symbols so much?
posted by rhyax at 10:25 PM on July 7, 2004

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