Help! My refrigerator is too big. Help me make ideal use of the extra space.
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Calling all clever people: My new refrigerator is too big! How about some ideas to decorate it?

I bought the refrigerator of my dreams. However, I didn't realize it would be too deep for our existing opening. I live in an older home, our counters are only 24" deep. This fridge is about 32". I'm sure we have the option to return it as well but this is a pretty nice unit; even so-called counter-depth units are 4" too big.

The fridge doesn't exactly cut into our living space by any means, it's just...big. How can I make the best use of this space? I have about 2.5" clearance between the side of the refrigerator and the oven door when its open.

Here is a picture.

The best I could come up with so far is to decorate the extra space with colorful magnets and magnetic picture frames. I think that would look pretty good against the black background. Any other suggestions?
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I would take it off your hands, for free even, but you are pretty far away. I don't think you could afford the shipping.

I would leave it black, without decoration, it will be least obtrusive that way.
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My first thought was that decorating it with colorful stuff will just draw attention to it, which might make it look worse. But then I thought that something functional would be nifty. And here is just thing: get some magnetic spice tins like these or these and stick them to the sides.
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Put up a magnetic dry board. You can list what you need to pick up from the grocery store after you notice you're out of it, put up notes, or quote of the day/week.
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I like googly's idea.

Basically, stick something functional on it with magnet tape.
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Yar. I have the same thing going on, and we use it just like the front of the fridge: stuff gets stuck there with magnets. Given the proximity to the oven, how about some magnetic hooks from which you can hang the oven mitts and pot holders?
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I'm voting mumkin.
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If you are worried just about looks, I think it looks great the way it is. Decoration will make it look busy and messy. (Magnetic spice tins would look awesome, but spices should really be stored away from light.)

Personally, I would keep the space blank and put post-its (shopping lists, recipes) up as needed.
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What I do is find all sorts of funny webcomics, odd photos etc. I stick these to a piece of light cardboard with double sided tape, tape a magnet to the back and bingo, weird fridge magnets.

You can also get magnetic picture frames which are very nice, turn your fridge into a gallery!
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I was going to say dry erase markers...but then I saw it was black.
Then I remember that they make neon colored dry erase markers.

We use our fridge to write notes to eachother, draw doodles, and I still have that limerick from Valentine's day up.
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1:1 picture of a vending machine. Paste it on the front.
Either the coke machine, or the candy machine.

While this might not help, it will decorate.
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I love that map fridge.
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