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At work, I'm being asked to maintain an older Access 2003 database. The database sits on a network drive, but it requires that network drive to be mapped to Y:/. This is a problem because all of the users have it mapped to different drives. How can I get it to stop referencing a specific drive letter?

I'm not even sure if this is something that someone can help with without actually looking at the database, but I'm hoping there's an easy answer.

The db was created a few years ago by someone who's no longer around, and I'm completely new at Access. I've been mucking around with the sloppily-written vbscript, but I don't see any references to the drive letter anywhere.
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You could always solve the problem the other way around by writing a logon script that maps the Y:\ to where you need it to be. (course, this is assuming your using a domain with active directory. )
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Map the link to a UNC path. Instead of Y:\DatabaseDir\database.mdb use \\ServerName\DatabaseDir\database.mdb. Make a share of the DatabaseDir and apply necessary permissions. If the users are all in your network and can see this share, then they can get the db without having anything mapped. As to finding where the mapping occurs, check the Linked Table manager tool in Access.
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The Linked Table manager was exactly what I needed! Thank you!
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