One Page Calendar Program
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Looking for the windows program "One Page Calendar"? Back in college, I had a great calendar program that did one thing great: it printed one page, generic/blank calendars. All I can remember is the name of the file, opc.exe. Does anyone still have this program or know how I can download it? I'm pretty sure it was freeware. If there's better stuff on the 'marketplace' out there, let me know too.
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I think the search you're looking for is printable calendar templates

There are countless pdfs of calendars in every shape, size, and style. add terms like '2008' or 'landscape' to narrow it down further.
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Could it have been opcal.exe? According to that website, you can download it here (search down the page for "one page calendar").
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Not sure about opcal.exe but take a look at Maybe a good web based alternative?
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Or Lots of calendars in various formats.
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I use MS Publisher, It may be included with your Office Suite
posted by ijoyner at 12:43 PM on March 4, 2008 has some terrific blank calendars, among other things (graph paper, mailing labels) and it's all free and in PDF format. Yay!
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