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Looking for Broadway funnymen...and women! In the spirit of this post, I am looking for theater know-it-alls who comment on theater with a detached but loving sense of humor.

I am looking not for the best of the stage but for the best of commentary on popular roles. I am looking for criticism like Rudetsky's, which obviously stems from love of the theater. I want to know about mistakes that theater royalty make and commentary that makes the best of American theater even better.

I want to get to know those who make Broadway their business. Point me toward hilarious theater commentary.
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Best answer: It sounds like you are looking for books, but I love the American Theatre Wing's podcasts.

They interview B'way stars, directors, etc. and often these interviews are full of wonderful dish, insights and side stories. They are generally 45 minutes to an hour in length and are available for free download from the ATW's website. Don't know if they are "hilarious," but I often laugh while listening. The most recent Nathan Lane interview was wonderful.
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Response by poster: No, podcasts are definitely right in line with what I am looking for. Books, podcasts, DVDs, recordings, anything really. Thank you for pointing me toward American Theatre Wing!
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Best answer: You should, if you don't know about it already, download a few of the "Forbidden Broadway" albums. They are hillarious and usually quite accurate.
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Best answer: You are welcome! I also enjoy anything written by Ethan Mordden. He writes about musical theater with a rare combination of insider knowledge and biting wit.
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