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I like to watch video game let's plays. I have yet to find a let's player who doesn't make me feel gross with the sexism and racism and all that. Who should I watch for non-yuck commentary?

I'm not picky about the game itself; I like everything from Pokemon to Dark Souls, though I've watched pitifully few indie game LPs.
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This Deadly Premonition Let's Play is a work of art.
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Idle Thumbs
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Spoiler Warning!
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So, my partner suggests Day9TV and Miles923 as possible YouTube Let's Plays.
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ditto idle thumbs they are great
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I like "The Rad Brad" a lot. He's a bit redneck-y and can sometimes say something I find disagreeable, but he strikes me as a sweet fellow at heart. He tells his viewers he loves them all, in almost every episode, and seems to mean it!
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Kikoskia is pretty entertaining, especially his LP of ET.
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Scott Manley is known for his Kerbal Space Program videos, but it looks like he's been doing videos for a bunch of space-related games (X3, Strike Suit Zero, etc.).

Have you checked out Yogscast for Minecraft videos? I haven't watched any of them in a while, but I don't recall them being offensive in any way, just a little coarse.
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Idle Thumbs, Giant Bomb and Chip and Ironicus are all great for Let's Plays.

If you haven't seen LP Archive, it has a lot of great stuff mixed in with a lot of mediocre stuff, but not much that's terrible or offensive. If you search around for the more popular LPs there, they usually range from pretty good to fantastic.

I also follow three members of a group called ShackTac: Dslyecxi, Beagle and CHKilroy. They mostly focus on the military simulator Arma 2, but their videos are great if you're into that; also, they occasionally do other games.
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Later Yogscast is more on the the up than earlier - you can see where they started bringing women onto the team who probably smacked the boys upside the head in regards to sexism. Since a lot of their videos are just stream of consciousness ramblings, it's not unheard of to have a juvenile comment slip out, but they have got much better about flat out calling each other out on dumb shit. Simon can be the worst offender but that's part of his schtick. Sips and Sjin are the real choice videos.
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Me! It's basically just XCOM right now. I have one more vid of just me playing to convert and upload, then I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to try the game while we both talk about it. Couples XCOM =D
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If you haven't seen LP Archive, it has a lot of great stuff mixed in with a lot of mediocre stuff, but not much that's terrible or offensive.

I dunno, man, i've seen some pretty sick stuff there.
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HassanAlHajry on youtube does a LOT of Let's Play series, often within days of the game's release. They're all silent - he offers no commentary, I wasn't sure if that's what you were after. He's quite a skilled player and doesn't mess around or waste time, and gets pretty much 100% completion on each level letting you see everything.
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I haven't watched any of these myself, but I've listened to just about every podcast they've put out. I find them to be hilarious and non-offensive and I imagine their Let's Plays would be very similar: Rooster Teeth!
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SuperJeenius is pretty good. The worst he ever says is "derpy."
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I would have to recommend:

Corona180 , Lukenuetzmann and New James +

These guys make great videos. They're pretty funny too.
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Seconding HassanAlHajry's wonderful silent run-throughs. He's a good player and you get a good feel for the game. I used to watch TheRadBrad, which is sort of the experience of sitting next to a friend and shooting the breeze while watching the game, which worked well for Tomb Raider but was sort of distracting for deeper stories like Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us.
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While I've watched and enjoyed a lot of the Rooster Teeth LPs, some of the younger commenters are problematic depending on your calibration. Michael in particular spends a lot of the newer LPs almost exclusively calling everyone and everything "bitch"- which gets very tiresome very fast. If that isn't an immediate issue, Rooster Teeth's Minecraft LPs can be really funny and creative.
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Christopher Odd is a pretty well-meaning guy who has a comprehensive playthrough style. He's pretty open-minded and will talk with his subscribers but there are times when he doesn't know better. For example, for a couple of small moments in Metro: Last Light he makes some very mild but still male gaze driven comments during the brothel scenes. He didn't linger for too long and part of it was his obvious discomfort at having thousands of people watch him play; at one point he says 'Ooookay kids, probably not a good section for you to watch right now' and laughs awkwardly. I watch him because he reminds me of the infectiously earnest, left-leaning video game/comic book/Star Trek/Warhammer 3000k nerd who lived next to me freshman year.

And yeah, I'll second CHKilroy. He's posted a couple of weird videos on his Twitter that come off as being a little too 'look at these freaks' but he keeps the nastier side of his Goon background out of his playthroughs.
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Do you have examples of people you hate? That could give us some clues to what you're going for.
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empath: "If you haven't seen LP Archive, it has a lot of great stuff mixed in with a lot of mediocre stuff, but not much that's terrible or offensive.

I dunno, man, i've seen some pretty sick stuff there.

Actually yeah, that could well be the case now that I think about it -- I don't go there often.
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I didn't watch the entire series so I can't claim it is entirely absent of sexism/racism, but I found several of the videos from Let's Play King's Quest VI to be quite hilarious.
There are 2 people playing the game together and their nerdy, chatty, sarcastic commentary can be quite entertaining if you ever played the series as a child as there is a lot to make fun of in classic pc games.
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Oh the Hey Ash folks seemed pretty ok the few times I've looked at something on their stream.
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kavasa: "Couples XCOM =D"

Oh HECK yeah. Back when we had a PS2, my honey and I used to play XCOM as a purely team-based effort. I was the quartermaster back at base, handing out weapons and ammo and assigning research, and he was the commander in the field, handling the alien missions (except for when I'd say "Uh, you might want to watch for aliens on top of that roof"—*PEW* *PEW* *PEW* *bah-BOOM*—"Excuse me, but how many of our troopers died on that one?!").

Since the iPad version came out, we're each running our own games.

I'm WAY ahead of him.

Just sayin'.

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Dodger! Generally the worst she says is "poop" and "derpy." (Since the channel is mainly videogame news, go to the playlists page, she has playlists for Lucius, Testament of Sherlock Holmes, Borderlands 2, They Bleed Pixels, Dead Space, FTL, and Blood Bowl).
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