What's a really really light weight jacket with lots of pockets?
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What's a really, really light weight jacket with lots of pockets?

Each winter I get back into the habit of carrying all my gear around in the pockets of my jacket. When summer comes I wind up either getting some sort of man-bag, or just filling my pants pockets to bursting. Taste-wise I don't like cargo pants, though they are the obvious solution. Where can I get a good, stylish jacket light enough for spring and autumn (or dare I dream, summer?) in Texas that doesn't skimp on the pockets? Or any other non-manpurse non-cargo pants option?

Oh, and the stuff I like to carry around isn't that much: iPod nano & headphones, pens, a small notebook, cell phone, sometimes a Nintendo DS and a small digital camera.
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Tilley has a variety of jackets and vests that meet this description.
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scott evest?
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Yah, scottevest jackets automatically comes to mind. Their various models have a zillion pockets and they have a few lightweight shells. Now, you really don't need 35 pockets, but it turns out that it's nice to have a lot to choose from because you can get just the right kind of placement you're looking for for your various doodads. I have and like the Fleece 4.0 model but it would be too hot for you. Here are a couple that are thin and shell-y.

Evolution Jacket

Essential Jacket

The one drawback to most of their stuff is that it's black, not exactly the color of choice for warmer sunny days. One way to beat both the color and the warmth of it might be to go with their vest (though most of their jackets have removable sleeves). It's khaki and sleeveless, both of which would make you less hot than a sleeved black jacket. Looks more casual/townish and less safari-like than the Tilleys.

Classic Travel Vest

Can you do it? Can you be Vest Guy? Go Vest Guy, get your gear on.
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Thisjacket. I was originally looking for a denim jacket for you. I long for the days when we all wear jean jackets. The only difference between all of us is whether it is arted with REO Speedwagon, or Slayer on the back. You southerners can have airbrushed names and faces.
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Oops. I meant this jacket:


And its like $50 cheaper than any of the other jackets.
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Duluth Trading Company's MN Technology Enabled Clothing Vest.
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I was going to suggest Duluth Trading's presentation jacket. Start here for a look at several of their products.
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Walmart. Fishing vest.

Or, alternatively, cop-shop. Tactical vest.

But yeah you have to be Mr. Vest-with-too-many-pockets Wearer.

It doesn't bother me; I'm a photographer. Some people can't handle it.
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