White Room for filming
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Help me find an empty room for an art project.

Me and a Friend got the Idea for an art project we are really excited about. To realise it, we need a completly empty withe room. We wouldn't do anything to the room, just filming. And we would only need it for two days.
How would you go about finding such a room (Friends or Family can't help).

Also, i'm in Germany, but i'm just looking for general Ideas.
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Could a storage space do the trick? If the tourist season is slow you could perhaps approach a hostel and ask for some space there. Are you willing to pay money for this room?
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Response by poster: paying something would be ok, if it isn't to much. The hotels I approached didn't want to completly empty out a room. I didn't ask the hostel, though, it may be a good idea.
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There's also the option of building a makeshift structure, if you have the space to do it. A big back yard, some wood, drywall (only one side necessary), and nails, might put the project at a lower budget than renting out a room. Then again I'm no carpenter.
*waits for carpenter mefite to improve upon/destroy this idea*
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Best answer: Where in Germany does this need to be? Check with the Uni there or nearby. Many universities in Germany, or student groups associated with it, have a Ausstellungsraum or atelier that students can use for their art projects. There is a room right down the street from me here in Lüneburg that always has diffeent artists come in do shows or exhibits. The room is always being repainted from black to white and back again. If you are in Marburg, like your profile suggests, that is not too far away from Kassel where they have the documenta exhibits. Maybe there is a space you can rent for a few days.

Boom: Here is a list of galleries and artist organizations in Marburg. I would start with the Marburger Kunstverein. Usually you have to be a member of the Verein to use their facilities, but they can probably point you in the right direction. If they have what you need, you can probably rent the room for a fair price.

Oh yeah. If you know anybody that organizes parties, like all night techno or raves parties, ask them. They might be familiar with different spaces in the area and can get you in contact with whoever owns them.

If you are interested in possibly doing it in Lüneburg, email me and I will get the name and contact info for you.

Viel Glück!
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