Sing to me, Baby
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What songs are out there about a woman getting good, life changing lovin' from a a man.

Working on my I-Mac the other day, I took the time to listen to the lyrics of Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man" I like to hear some more tunes about women getting some good lovin' bordering on orgasmic. Donna Summer's "Love to Love You, Baby" is an obvious choice. Dinah Washington's "Destination Moon" is a little more obscure yet delightfully double entendre'd. What other tunes are out there?
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"Sugar in my Bowl." Nina Simone's version is probably best known, but the Asylum Street Spankers did a version that's pretty steamy.

And Pink Floyd's "Great Gig in the Sky" on Dark Side of the Moon. No lyrics. It's more direct than that.
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Does etta james' "at last' count?
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You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman)?
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Not quite the same thing since it was limited to country music, but maybe look at this thread for some suggestions in a similar vein.
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"All I wanna do is make love to you" by Heart?

"Whole Lotta Love" by Zeppelin is more about the singer proposing to change her life than actually having done it.
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Just a few off the top of my head:

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Everything I Cannot See
Lauryn Hill - Nothing Even Matters
Stars - My Favourite Book
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Meri Wilson - Telephone Man
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Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin - Je t'aime, moi non plus

Note the orgasmic moaning at the end.

Melanie - Brand New Key (live version, and not quite as ssssexy)

Pretty suggestive...
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Bjork's Cocoon is pretty filthy, in the good way. (Video NSFW and slightly Bjork-y creepy.)
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Ann Peebles' I'm So Thankful. Ann is best known for her wonderful "I Can't Stand the Rain".
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Jill Scott - Exclusively
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Taco - Putting on the Ritz
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Patti Smith- Because the night
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Paula Cole - Feelin' Love (lyrics)
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There's Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me from Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I'm not sure that's exactly what you had in mind.
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PJ Harvey - Long Snake Moan
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Liz Phair - Supernova
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Roberta Flack - 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'
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The Magnetic Fields - "Sweet Lovin' Man" (lyrics here)
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Bjork has Venus As a Boy, Hidden Place, and Pagan Poetry to offer as well.
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Liz Phair - Flower, although I've always suspected this to be tongue in cheek, and the joke's on guys like me. "Everytime I see your face, I get all wet between my legs" -- that can't be real can it?
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I Feel the Earth Move by Carole King
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"Another Man Loved Me Last Night" -- Loretta Lynn

Oh man, I love that song. She never says anything even slightly graphic, but it's soooo dirty.
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"The Way" by Jill Scott. Gets bonus points from me for including the line "Tonight I'm gonna beat the high score."
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Try Aretha Franklin's version of "Son of a Preacher Man." Even more orgasmic (especially the blasphemous "Hallelujah's" in the chorus.
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Gotta good man (or whatever it's called) Salt n Pepa?

Talking bout my baby - Joan Jett
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