Frenchy SIM in Windy City?
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Is there anywhere in Chicago where I can buy a SIM card for France today?

My girlfriend is borrowing my secondary GSM phone for use in France next week, but the French SIM card she ordered online failed to arrive in time. Is there anywhere in Chicago to get one today? (I know she can buy one in France, but according to her, sellers will be closed on Sunday, and she needs to coordinate some meetings that day.) Thanks!
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Many Best Buys have this international sim card in their mobile phone department. If you add it to your cart on the website, and choose store pick up, it shows that the store on Clark Street and the one on North Ave in Chicago, as well as some in the 'burbs have it in stock.

Hope that helps.
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Is she headed for Paris? I can't believe that all the 'tabacs' in the City of Light will be closed on Sunday, thereby starving its citizens of their nicotine sticks. They're on every corner, it seems, and they all sell SIM cards.
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Sorry...pressed "post" before I got a chance to change it.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the helpful suggestions. It looks like she's found a workaround (asking a friend to buy one today), but that International SIM from Best Buy looks like a good option for a similar situation.

(DandyRandy: She's actually headed to Rennes first, although the two times I've been to Paris, things were pretty shut down on Sunday.)
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@ DandyRandy... if I recall, the tabacs don't sell SIM cards... just top-ups. For the SIM card I think you have to go to a SFR/Orange/etc store, or at least to a phone reseller.
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