Games with great multiplayer?
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Games with great multiplayer?

I really enjoy games like Battlefied2 where its 32 vs 32 multiplayer with squad play, but its starting to get old. What other games are like this? I'm looking for multiplayer thats a little more smart than a simple shoot-em-up deathmatch.

PC, Wii, and Xbox360 games only please. Thanks.
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Response by poster: It doesnt have to be a shooter. I guess any game that has a great multiplayer aspect would be good. No MMOs please.
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Team Fortress 2?
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Seconding TF2. There is a lot of depth added by the different player classes.
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Call of Duty 4 online play is awesome. As you progress you unlock more weapons and higher ranks. Lots of fun.
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Call of Duty 4. I used to play a ton of BF2 until I started playing this game. There aren't vehicles you can drive like in BF2, but you can call in support options like a helicopter or airstrikes.

I prefer to play in Team Hardcore mode, which removes the radar and a lot of the HUD - it ends up really enforcing squad cooperation and communication.

I'd also recommend getting the Xbox360 version - in the PC version, the ranking / unlock files are all stored on the client, so multiplayer is rife with people who downloaded a hacked file and magically have all the weapons / addons unlocked.

CoD4 has easily replaced BF2 as my squad-based game of choice. If you get it for the 360, shoot me a message - my gamertag is "poqsaq".
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Just another voice CoD4. God that game rules.
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... voice for CoD4. God I rule.
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Lego Star Wars is great pick-up-and-play fun, especially if you have kids.
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If I may piggyback on a little, how are the maps in CoD4? I love the gameplay of TF2, but am bored of the 24-32 player maps and worry about the same thing in CoD4.
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CoD4 is great. The maps are very good for the most part, but there are too few of them. Fortunately there's a map pack coming soon. The game has a different scale than Battlefield, though. 16 players is the max, but the 12 player games are best.
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I have a total of 7 full days on COD4 (Xbox360) and I'm not ashamed. Maps are great and although there is only a handful you can find new choke points, ambush areas and great spots everytime you play. I highly suggest this game.
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team fortress 2! join us!
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I don't normally like FPSs, but CoD4 really impressed me. They could use a couple more maps, but they are all fun to play. I don't know if you were ever into the Starcraft/Warcraft 3 multiplayer custom maps, but Starcraft 2 should be even better, whenever it comes out.
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Gonna beat this horse somemore, but COD4 is everything stated previous and more.
Also have to point out neilkod's comment about Lego Star Wars. My boys and I have had some of the most fun playing those as a family.
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Jelly Battle
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*sigh* I guess I'm the lone Halo 3 fan. But you should give it a try. It's got a lot of great maps (with more on the way), an interesting and well-balanced arsenal, an excellent replay system and filesharing network, four-player online co-operative play in the campaign mode, and the ability to design pretty much any kind of map and gametype you want in Forge, the level editor. Almost anything is possible on Foundry, the "blank slate" map; I've seen people make full-scale recreations of classic levels, Pac-man mazes, even a Millennium Falcon. Good stuff.

And yes, vanilla Slayer can often devolve into a simple "shoot-em-up deathmatch", but like I said, there are far more options there to take advantage of. Zombies, Rocket Race, Territories, Oddball, Juggernaut, Ninjas, and virtually any other kind of crazy game you care to make rules for. For example (scroll to just below the picture of a guy).
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Past Smash Bros. games have been awesome for four players, and the upcoming Wii Smash Bros. is going to have online play. Reviews so far say it's lagless.
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Seconding the upcoming Smash Bros, and if you can wait for summer (I know, it's a while away yet!), a Wii Mario Kart's coming out.
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another vote for TF2 here. the variety of classes leads to a variety of gameplay experiences and strategies. god, i love that game.
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Enjoy TF2, before the Counter-Strike kidiots ruin it.
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I always thought Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was an interesting approach to team-based play (free game too)
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You're all invited to play TF2 on the Metafilter server, take a look here. It's fun, it's smart and team based but it's quite different from BF2.

If you want something thats very much like BF2, then BF2142 is it. Enemy Territory Quake Wars is also quite close and possibly a better game. Personally I feel both have been surpassed by TF2 though.
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Command and Conquer, General's Edition. My friends and I can play this for twelve hours at a stretch.
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Day of Defeat
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Another vote for CoD4!

Some of the xbox live arcade games have strong multiplayer followings and are actually kind of fun, like Bomberman.

But still, CoD4 rules and it never gets boring.
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Don't want to leave Rhaomi out as the lone Halo 3 voice. It can definitely be run and gun fairly mindless shooter if you want it to be, but the flexibility it offers to be otherwise is pretty impressive. If you find a group of likeminded folks who really want team play and strategy, it adapts exceptionally well to that.

Halo and COD4 both share the other bonus that there is a HUGE population of gamers playing them on Xbox Live and lots of websites where you could connect with those folks to get into games. One such is -- a great spot with lots of good people, as long as you're over 25.
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Team Fortress 2, on PC.

You might also want to check out Savage 2, came out a few months ago and blends RTS/FPS. It's free to play the multiplayer demo. There are lots of HL2 mods that are also free to play, and are sometimes good for something new and different.

I don't understand the hype around COD4. Played it quite a bit, but coming from years of BF2, Counterstrike, DoD, and other PC multi-players it just seems tired and same old.
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I'm a huge fan of the original Day of Defeat, but the support isn't there for such an old game these days, and the graphics are waaay outdated. The Source version is nowhere near as good - it has hitbox issues, which is why most people I know who played DoD incessantly are now playing CoD4 pretty much exclusively.

Personally, I add my vote to TF2 on the PC. I've been having a blast with it, and there are a ton of servers to choose from - with up to 32 person multiplayer. The game has both depth and fun, all at once. Also, the regular (3X/week or more) MeFi games are fantastic, like Olli said, because the MeFites are a great bunch of team-oriented players.
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n-thing TF2.

Also if you are into realism let me point towards Armed Assault at ShackTactical.
They focus on realism and fun without unnecessary MILSIM nonsense.
There is a big session every weekend and usually there are 50+ players on the server for that.
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Response by poster: Okay Ive been playing CoD4 and a little 2142 (which I put off buying because of the sci-fi setting, but dont mind it now). 2142 is easy to get into because its just bf2 in the future, but CoD is a whole new can of worms for me. Can someone share some CoD4 tips like which maps are the most fun, which types of games are the most fun or the most strategic, what kits/classes/weapons are the best, whether i should ever shoot from the hip or always aim, or whatever?
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Oh man, CoD4 tips. My favorite maps are Overgrown, Downpour, and Vacant. Most of them can be pretty good, except Bloc. I always try to skip Bloc, and I don't really like Wetwork either.

As for game modes, pretty much all I play is Hardcore Team Deathmatch. Once you go hardcore you'll never turn back. Ground War has too many people.

Kits: I have the most success by far with G3/red dot/stopping power/deep impact/3 frags. Before unlocking 3 frags I usually go with claymores, and before unlocking the G3 (or sometimes in a smaller map like Showdown, or if I'm feeling jumpy) I'll use the M-16. The G3 is more accurate -- you can take someone out from across the map in a single shot, and it has extremely low recoil. But up close the M-16 is easier to use thanks to its 3-round burst.

I aim unless I turn a corner and find myself point blank with a dude, then I'll shoot from the hip. If you're sneaking up on a sniper make sure to crouch to kill your movement sound. Pay attention to the UAV, but don't rely on it completely because some dudes use UAV jammer. Try to save your airstrike for when you have a UAV, but if you bring up the airstrike window and there's no UAV you'll still see someone's location if they fire without a silencer. Hold RB before throwing a grenade to cook it and have a better chance of getting a kill.

That's about all I can think of now.
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Response by poster: FWIW, Super Smash Bros Brawl is pretty damn fun.
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Response by poster: Also Ive been doing a lot of BF2142. Cant really get into CoD for some reason.
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