Converting a logo to a font
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What software do I need to convert a company logo (including design element) into a True Type Font?

Googling turns up a lot of people who want to do it for me, but I'd like to do it myself.
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You can't just paste it into a font editor (such as FontCreator (no recommendation))? I think I did something similar at a past job.. Our company logo-font only had three characters.. lowercase p, uppercase P, and i (different formats of the logo). Everything else was blank.
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The reason there are more services than software is that there really are only a few editors that will do it right. Fonts are volatile little pieces of code and a trained hand and proper tools are required to create something that won't muck up your software or system.

The cheapest way to do it right is send it to a company like FontShop.

The cheapest way to do it right and by yourself is TypeTool.
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If you already have CorelDraw, you have the software.

Do a Google search "CorelDraw make fonts"
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If the logo was created from an existing typeface, it might be easier to simply figure out what the font is. If you send me the logo, I'll take a look at it. My email is in my profile--matt at fandango dot net.
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I kind of did it in FontCreator (trial version). Need to do some tweaks.
Thanks for the offer Matt.
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why would you need to do this?! i think there must be a much better way you're overlooking to accomplish your end goal. what are your usage plans for the font that you want to make?
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