What's a cherry ghost?
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What's a cherry ghost? I'm writing a review of the new Wilco album A Ghost is Born and I'm curious if a "cherry ghost" is anything significant or nothing at all. Google isn't turning up anything helpful.
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No external evidence, but "cherry" is used to mean "like new" or "better than new" and "rare." A "cherry" restored automobile is one that has, effectively, been reborn.

"A ghost is born" - "I'm a cherry ghost."

I'm a new, rare, ghost.
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From the fifth result of searching for "cherry ghost" (with the quotes), I found this:

...as Tweedy has said he has no idea what a "cherry ghost" is.

Dunno where the author's source is, but I'd guess Tweedy just liked the phrase. In addition, cherry is a euphemism for virginity and since the record is called "'a ghost is born," perhaps it's just a reference to that.
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MTV: Is there a line or a song in A Ghost Is Born that sums it all up?

Tweedy: "I'm a cherry ghost" [from "Theologians"], because it's still fun to sing in a strange way every night. I really get excited singing that line. I have no idea what it means, but every night when I sing it I feel refreshed. Invigorated. It's beautiful.
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Cherry's also stoner talk for "sweet".
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Sounds like typical random indie lyrics to me. Regardless, lyrics are all about your own interpretation when none is provided. The wonder of music. :-)
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Screw that. I want to know why spiders (kidsmoke) is so fucking long.
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Perhaps a Pac Man reference from Mr. Tweedy. Red ghost, get to the cherry before he does.
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Screw that. I want to know why spiders (kidsmoke) is so fucking long.

I'll second that. Bad song on an otherwise great album.
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From an article in the June 8, 1989, Chicago Tribune (my emphasis):

The great fruit brandies such as kirsch are fiery spirits of the fruit; try them poured over a sorbet of the same flavor. They are properly drunk well chilled (keep them in the freezer) and when simply smelled the very soul of the fruit wafts forth.

The fragrance for me is better than the tasting. There are several different types of alcohols made with cherries. The finest is kirsch (eau de vie de kirsch in French and kirschwasser in German), which is a white brandy distilled from wild cherries and their pits, both of which are crushed. It is so refined it takes 32 bushels to arrive at one liter. The pits give a wonderful hint of almond, a flavor that complements the flavor of cherries nicely.

A lesser kind is made without the pits; the cherries are merely soaked with alcohol for some time. The Germans call this one kirsch-geist or cherry-ghost, rather an accurate description. Kirsch fantasie is also available, but it is like vodka in which cherries have been steeped.
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