Songs with birds chirping
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Help me find indie music with the sound of birds chirping in the background.

I really love the songs Summer Teeth by Wilco and Into the Woods by My Morning Jacket. And hey, they both use the sounds of birds chirping in the background! I'd like to make a mix of songs that use bird calls in the background at some point in the song (doesn't matter if it's in the beginning).
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It's not indie but it is the original, The Beatles' Blackbird certainly has chirpy birds, and it's a pretty song.
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XTC, Summer's Cauldron. There may be a chirp or two on other tracks from Skylarking, but I'll have to give it a listen to be sure.
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No speakers right now, but I'm pretty sure the Rogue Wave's Be Kind + Remind has bird chirps in the background.
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Fake but awesome birds at the beginning of Durutti Columns' Sketch for Summer
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Elevator's album A Taste of Complete Perspective has birds on a few tracks: Balance, The Animals, Flying
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Not sure if indie enough for ya, but Feist's The Park has birds at the beginning.
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Dinosaur Feathers - I Ni Sogoma
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Humbly : try this or this, there are lots of birds in these tracks.
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Love Song by Elton John -- so old it's new again.
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Andrew Bird - Spare-ohs and Yawny at the Apocalypse
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In My Backyard by Adrian Belew was the first thing that jumped to mind, but it doesn't seem to be available digitally online in any form. It's on Op Zop Too Wah. Now that I listen to it, two other tracks on that album have birds: Sky Blue Red Bird Green House and Beautiful (gulls at the beginning).

It's perhaps a little more soundscape than song, but Faht by Phish.
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I think those are birds in the background of The Flaming Lips - It's Summertime (or if not actual birds, then stylised birdsong instrumental sounds)
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Not indie, but: Jeff Beck's Blackbird.
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Several songs on the album The Ghost That Carried Us Away by Seabear, an Icelandic artist. I bought this album while on a vacation in Iceland, where birdsong is very prominent everywhere you go, and listening to this album brings the trip back to me.
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The Birds in Your Garden by Pulp.
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Laura Marling, Your Only Doll (Dora)
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If You're Feeling Sinister-Belle and Sebastian.(title track)
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Just chirping in with this factoid. Not indie by any means, elevator euro trash retro hipster, maybe: Sweet People - Et Les Oiseaux Chantaient. Big top 10 hit at the end of the seventies in the Netherlands.
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Okkervil River Song by Okkervil River ends with about a minute and a half of red-winged blackbird calls. It's not really integrated into the song itself however, so I'm not sure if it meats your criteria.
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Pink Floyd's Cirrus Minor, of course. Well hey, it was "indie" once.
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Also, Jens Lekman's Do Impossible Things uses bird life as a metaphor for a relationship as well as ending with various bird calls.

(PJ Harvey also has a track on "Uh Huh Her" called "Seagulls" that is literally just a recording of gull vocalizations, but I don't think that's quite what you want...unless you use it as a lead in to the subsequent track, which does work really well, especially since it uses river imagery.)
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Birds by the Submarines.
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Not indie, but Nightingale by Roxy Music
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i thought Elliott Smith's Twilight had chirps at the beginning, till i looked it up & realized it's the song before that on the album, the birdy-bird-tweety named "Ostriches & Chirping" is :33 of birdcall delight. you could just insert this song in your life wherever you need a bird.
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Try something from Quasi's album Featuring "Birds"
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Oooh! Not sure if this is "indie" or what, but this is the song I wake up to every morning. :)

Pulp - Birds in your garden
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A little late, but also: Babylon, the first track off the new Brian Jonestown Massacre album, also fits the bill.
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Er, Panic in Babylon.
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These aren't indie, but here they are anyway:

The Beach Boys - At My Window, although the sparrow is just someone whistling.
Stevie Wonder - Overjoyed, The First Garden
Minnie Riperton - Loving You
The Young Rascals - Groovin'

And there's always Martin Denny, again with bird calls by the band.
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