Cheap Hotels in Florence, Italy?
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I need to find a cheap hotel in Florence, Italy during a large conference (April 5-10, 2008). All the conference-affiliated cheap hotels are booked. What are my options?

I'm a grad student. I'm hoping to attend CHI 2008 in Florence, but I just got my travel funding situation straightened out recently and I'm discovering that the only remaining unbooked rooms available through the conference organizers are in upscale hotels that cost 200+ euros per night. I'm willing to stay further from the conference venue than the officially-sanctioned hotels, assuming I can get a room for less. I know hostels are an option, but I'm going to be traveling with dress clothes, a laptop and some other equipment, so the stereotypical hostel-as-dormitory-with-no-secure-storage worries me a bit. What are my options for finding a cheap but somewhat secure hotel or hostel?
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This place was about 60 euro a night (including a very basic breakfast) when we were there a couple years ago (2006). It's clean, private, secure and (as a bonus) the views are beautiful. Nothing fancy and occasionally it gets loud at night (it's located at the Duomo, more or less), but owned by a very nice couple.
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Hey, a fellow grad student going to CHI! My housing situation is already figured out (a bunch of students from our school are sharing an apartment), but hopefully I can offer you some leads.

I pretty much never even look at the conference-recommended hotel list for these things as they are always super expensive. I found my accommodations here:

I highly recommend the cross-pollinate site for scoping out possible accommodations, though I eventually found the home page for the guest house I was interested in and contacted them directly.

You might also have some luck browsing TripAdvisor under B&B's & Inns or Specialty Lodging for guesthouses, hostels, and apartments.
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Thivaia, we both know that that breakfast suuuucked. But, Alterscape, I too recommended the Soggiorno Battistero. Very basic place, but cheap and well located.
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Wow, that dollar sure has plummetted, hasn't it. So I guess everything's expensive. Anyway, I stayed at Hotel Accademia on a Rick Steves tour last year. It's right there in the historic center, which is fairly close to your convention site. Looks like it's 50 euros for a single, depending on season. That sounds pretty good compared to the prices listed on your conference site. The hotel was just fine, little brioche/yogurt/cheese n' lunchmeat (yeah!)/cereal/juice/coffee breakfast included and a computer for guest use (gotta buy an internet card). Good enough for Rick, good enough for you. If your room overlooks the back alley, though, see if you can move. The ubiquitous scooters and early morning alley commerce noises really magnify in that echo chamber.

Housekeeping note: we resolved that that other thing in the bathroom must in fact have been a bidet and not some kind of foot-sink or something. Why it had a drain stopper, though, was a real puzzler. Why would you want to hang on to butt rinse water? And the angle on that little nozzle is not very asshole friendly, I'll tell you. But I suppose you have to get your squat on and give it a shot at least once. When in Rome and all. Don't burn yourself.
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When I was in Italy last, I booked rooms through Venere. It's a good site, I really do recommend it.
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ditto Venere. we stayed at Hotel Bologna; very nice for the price.
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If you do get stuck, I stayed at Ostello Santa Monaca, which offered fairly sturdy looking personal lockers (byo padlock) in the dorms as well as the (free) option of leaving things in the safe deposit box in reception. Pretty minimal facilites, but at €17/night it suited me.
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Thirding; it's never let me down booking accommodation in Italy.
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Hotel Villa D'Annunzio

Cheap, peaceful (ex-monastery), 10-15 minutes bus ride from the centre.
Small pool in the garden. I liked it.
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a reasonable bed and breakfast, in the center of town, at a walking distance from the train station. Clean, and located in a tower.
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Hotel Alessandra.
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