CPA in Pasadena?
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Can you recommend a good CPA in Pasadena?

My wife and I are looking for a reputable, honest, reasonably priced CPA in Pasadena, California to do our state and federal income taxes for this year. They are only a bit more complex than the average return, involving multiple states and multiple investment accounts and trusts.

Normally I would not make this kind of super-specific post, but the CPA that I was planning to use canceled on me today because he is not familiar with tax practices in some of the states where I need to file.
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My wife and I still use this guy from when we lived in Pasadena, whom we very much like. I've not had to deal with multi-state taxes, so I've no idea his breadth of awareness, but our returns haven't always been trivial, and he's always done well tracing out whatever knottiness is involved.

K T Leung
Leung Accountancy Corporation
Los Angeles County Office
2135 Huntington Drive, 1st Floor
San Marino, CA 91108
(626) 396-9680

That being said, given that your taxes are only a "bit" more complex then the average, but are multi-state, maybe one of the chain CPA-in-a-box places that has presence (and software for) everywhere may be the best bet for this year?
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My answer in MeFi mail.
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