Question about getting an ultrasound in the US or Canada.
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Question about getting an ultrasound in the US or Canada.

My pregnant girlfriend got her 11th week ultrasound today. While things seemed okay, the doc noticed an irregularity that might require checking up in about two weeks. The problem: we’ll be travelling in Canada (around Calgary) by then, and heading into the Northern US later on. I am assuming we can get an ultrasound locally, but my knowledge of medical facilities on that side of the ocean comes straight out of tv-series. So: are there special clinics or do you go to a hospital? How long until you get an appointment? Are these procedure as expensive as one is lead to believe?
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I think your primary issue is going to be getting the procedure paid for. Generally, there are a number of ways that you can get the procedure done, whether it's in a hospital, or a clinic, or whatever. No matter what, though, they all expect to be paid their pretty high fees for it, and it's not going to be the type of cost you're going to just want to pay for out-of-pocket. Unless your insurance covers non-emergency procedures abroad, you may be out of luck on that one. (And they usually book up more than two weeks in advance, in our experience with our two kids.)

On the other hand, you should double-check with the doctor that it really needs to be checked in two weeks, without fail. If whatever he wants to check is so urgent that waiting another week or two to review it would endanger the baby, then you've got a whole other level of concern to worry about. Much more likely, if you explain that you're going to be abroad and won't be back for a month or so, he's likely to say, "Alright, then--let's just do it when you get back."
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P.S. As a side point--if you haven't already--I'd really recommend that you have a more detailed explanation than "an irregularity that might require checking up in two weeks". In my experience, if you're worried, you're worried, and knowing more about what exactly is at risk gives you something concrete to reckon against, do research on, etc. (Just FYI, we had things like this come up with _both_ our kids, that actually seemed pretty threatening at the time, and they both turned out totally fine a few weeks later. That's not an uncommon experience at all.)

I understand that you may have just chosen to phrase it that way, and maybe do know much more--if that's the case, then just forgive my bossy intrusion. (And good luck!)
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Thanks--I did phrase it rather cryptically but we know what's up. I appreciate your help, knowing all this we will make sure anything that needs to be done is done on this side of the pond.
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