Se habla, Spanish?
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Can you suggest common phrases in Spanish that would be useful for teacher of Spanish speaking kids?

Anything is welcome as long as it's appropriate for elementary school.

My teacher wife and I are learning Spanish together and this will give her a fun jump start.

Of course she would like some chastising things, "Do you speak to your mother this way?", but endearing things, "Oh, I just want to squeeze your cheeks!" would also be very useful.

Por adelantado, muchas gracias!
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So, she is teaching a Spanish-speaking class? What's the subject, if any? These answers would help.

Learning Spanish here, as well (though slowly), so good luck to you!!
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Most of her students have Spanish as their primary language and they're being taught in English. Her use of Spanish in the classroom is primarily for community building and the fact that she tries with what little Spanish she knows brings many kids on board and makes them feel much more comfortable with her.

useful for teacher of Spanish , it looks like I could use some help with MY primary language.

Good luck to you too, pedmands!
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I use playful phrases to teach my stepson various Spanish words and phrases.

His favorites are play arguing-type phrases like the ones below (Sorry, I don't have accents where they should be):

When arguing a fact:
Person 1: My mom told me that the Tooth Fairy will come to take my teeth and give me money.
Person 2: No, the tooth fairy isn't real.
Person 1: Que si! (Is so!)
Person 2: Que no! (Is not!)

When trying to get someone to do an undesirable task or blame someone (vs. the other person):
Person 1: Hazlo tu! (You do it!)/ Tu lo hiciste! (You did it!)
Person 2: No, tu! (No, you!)
Person 1: Tu! (You!)
Person 2: Tu! (You!)

(repeat ad nauseam)

Also, fun interjections:

Orale! (Awesome! Yes!)

And my personal favorite rhyme:

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Also to answer your specific requests:

"Do you talk to you mother this way?":

Platicas con tu mama asi de (naco/crudo/mala onda/ mal educado/etc.)?

"I just want to pinch your cheeks!"

Ay que pudiera agarrarte a la mejilla!

Ojala te ayude (Hope that helps!)
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¡Cierra la boca! (Shut your mouth)
¡Cállate! ("Be quiet", but maybe a bit more firm, like "Shut up")
Eres una bromista (you little joker)
Mi tesoro (my treasure)

Note that a lot of colloquial Spanish is national/regional. Just as an American would sound funny saying "G'Day Mate," you will sound funny if you use "Spain Spanish" (Castellano) with a Mexican or Dominican. In most cases, you'll still be understood, although possibly less so by children. In some rare cases, however, you'll be understood to mean something completely different than you intended. In Puerto Rico, for example, the word "bicho" (bug) is also slang for the male organ. It does not necessarily have this connotation in Spain or Argentina.
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My favorite from my Cuban Spanish professor in college;

Que barbaridad! - She always said like "Oh, no!"

some others:

Que raro! - "How strange"
Dios mio! - "My lord" (not as strong as saying My God in English kind of like the first one)
Mi carina - my dear
Eres amable - Your nice
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I think the "do you talk to your mother this way" phrase would be better expressed as:
¿así le hablas a tu mamá?

One thing that could come in handy is "¡pequeño demonio!", which is what Homer Simpson says when he starts strangling Bart in the Latin American dub of the Simpsons.
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Escuche y repita. Listen and repeat.

I was learning Spanish from a Pimler CD and darn if I can remember much. But I do remember Escuche y repita. I kept hearing it during each lesson! ;-)
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Thank you all very much! Awesome stuff. I can't wait to visit her class and watch her freak kids out.
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