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I'm using Blogger and I want to do a search-and-replace on all 200 I can move my blog to a new site, changing all the links as appropriate. But Blogger doesn't seem to have a search-and-replace function. Is there some way, maybe using a third-party blog program, that I could accomplish this? Maybe export the whole thing to a text file, then somehow ... some way ... feed it back into Blogger using some desktop program, or anything else?
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1. There is a "standard" export template here that you can use to get your data OUT of Blogger and into a text editor. From there you can do a search-and-replace without too much trouble.

As for importing it back in... well, maybe someone else has that part of the answer. Movable Type & WordPress and those other blogging systems can import from a Blogger export; if you have the system resources you might consider this an opportunity to switch blogging systems.

(Also, next time use relative URLs!)
posted by bcwinters at 8:24 AM on July 5, 2004

The only way I can see for this is to use the Blogger API.
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bcwinters: yes and yes :)

I know about the Movable Type solution, but was just hoping to avoid using site is full of so many internal links to its own permalinks that it might be really involved to switch.
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