How to best show my appreciation.
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Should I get a gift for someone I worked for for 3 days who tipped me generously?

Last week, I assisted someone from outside our company during a company event. I was paid my normal rate through my company, however this person also gave me a very generous tip (I was told by my company HR that I was allowed to keep this). I would like to show my appreciation, but I am not sure how. I thought about sending a gift with a note, however I only have his email address & I can't find a site that will allow me to do this other than for a gift certificate; I'd rather not get a gift certificate as it feels more like I'm returning part of the money this way (I know it is essentially the same with a physical gift, but the denomination on the certificate makes it different to me).

I'd still like to send a gift, so if anyone knows a site that will allow me to do this with only an email address, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

If that fails, I guess a nice email will have to suffice; any tips on what to say would also be appreciated.
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Best answer: A tip is not a present- you earned it for the work that you did. A gift for the tipper is overkill, and I wouldn't even mention it in the note you send to this fellow saying how much you enjoyed working with him and that you hope to see him again at similar events. Because a tip is not a gift- you earned it.
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exactly what i was thinking. enjoy it!
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Write a note, nothing more. Maybe a Festivus card, or something. Rampant gift giving over nothing needs to be stopped.
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TPS nailed it in one. A generous tip is sort of a "thank you" in itself. Miss Manners will tell you that no note is required in thanks for a hostess gift, because the hostess gift was already thanks for the original invitation. The same applies here. TPS's suggestion of a nice note about enjoying the interaction is spot on.
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I would send a handwritten thank you note rather than an e-mail.
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Response by poster: Thank-you all.
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I agree with spec80...handwritten is the way to go. Do you have a phone number for this person's company so you can get in touch with him? Handwritten thank you notes pack a certain punch that can't be replicated through emails.
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