Holy Hand-out Help, Batman!
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I'm looking for a high-quality scan of a single page out of any Batman or Superman comic book or graphic novel that I can print out off of the internet. My google-fu is apparently not up to snuff.

Black and white would probably be preferable to color since I'm looking for something I can print out and photocopy as part of a high-school hand-out for writing action scenes in film. But it needs to be legible and print-outable for free. I only need one page, but it has to be decent quality.

The optimal page would be from an action sequence with both pictures and words.

Thank you for your help!
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I have issues of both from the 1960's. send your email address to me at swarkentien@gmail.com and I will email scan to you.
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You could try to find a specific artist and look on their website for sample pages.
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Here you go. And there's a lot more on scans_daily, if that one's not suitable.
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You can use Rapidsearch to search through what people have listed on Rapidsearch, MediaFire and assorted other filestorage sites. Here's a sample search for Superman. Most of those are full comics, so the legality of downloading them depends on where you live. The files are in CBR format, which can be read with CDisplay or other files, but they can also be unzipped into separate image files using any unzip/unrar program.
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