Help my mouse get better!
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Why is my fancy mouse scratching so much?

We had two mice, but one died and the remaining is scratching to the point of bleeding. We done a lot of research online as to what the problem is and we've done what we can. We're sure that she doesn't have mites, lice or any other parasitic infection. She's only ever had pine bedding. She doesn't have an excess of protein in her diet, she's had the same food her whole time living with us. We've also changed her bedding, washed her cage and put antibiotics on her wounds, but that only helped for a little while. Now she's scratching away at her ears. Is she lonely or could it be something we haven't found on our Google quests? Help!
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The volatile oils in pine bedding is toxic to small rodents. Switch to aspen shavings or better yet, Carefresh, which is soft shredded paper.
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Some cites, for reference.

The Problem With Pine: A Discussion of Softwood Beddings

Respiratory toxicity of cedar and pine wood

Also, avoid cedar bedding for the same reason.
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It might be neurotic; "barbering" is a pretty common mouse neurosis. When I had mice, they did this, but only to the point of removing hair. I don't think they scratched to the point of bleeding.
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I had a mouse that developed a fungal infection, and would scratch itself to the point of bleeding. But I agree with jamaro about the bedding. Vet visit? How did you rule out mites?
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Sorry, not pine, I was wrong, we use aspen.
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There is a ton of documentation about mice at:

They also have a very active forum that would be more than happy to help.
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It takes a skin scraping to rule out certain mites, especially ear mites. You should take your mouse to the vet if you haven't done so already.
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