Adsense vs the World
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Are there any current estimates as to what percentage of all marketing/advertising dollars are being spent in contextual marketing?

Google Adwords, Adsense and the Pay-Per-Click industry at large seems to have tremendous upside (in fact, I can't see how contextual advertising could ever be usurped unless the human race stops using words and relevancy... but I digress) and I'm wondering how it's competing dollar-wise against traditional media like television and radio.

Thank you.
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Adsense dominates contextual on-line advertising. Their numbers are in Google's annnual report. You can probably use Google to find the numbers for traditional media, which I would expect would be orders of magnitude greater than on-line.
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Googling for this brings up a lot of SEO crap, but I remember reading that either search or search + contextual ads represented 9 about billion a year, and the advertizement industry was something like 45 billion dollars. I think I read this on micropersuasion but I'm not sure.
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