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Besides Google's AdSense, what do you think of,, and Which one gives the best rates to internet publishers?
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Of the four, I Google AdSense is the only one I don't block. The other three serve tracking cookies in addition to ads, so I set my proxy to block them.
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From a web publisher's perspective: does well for some people, but I've heard bad things from others. No personal experience.

Burst Media is a good, reliable company I've used for years. You won't make a fortune but they're trustworthy.

I don't know anything about

Besides Burst, the other large and trustworthy ad networks are Tribal Fusion and FastClick.

With all three of these, you're going to be getting mostly run-of-network ads with low CPM or CPC prices, so you won't make significant money unless you have quite a bit of traffic. AdSense is different in that a site with content in certain areas (say, for example, PVRblog) can do well with a relatively low level of traffic.
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I can't speak to advertising rates or profitability, but in the interest of helping you make an informed decision it seems worth mentioning that the only ads I have had to take any active measures (if you can call entering a single line into a config file "active") to block are Google's -- the rest are filtered by default with Proxomitron, Privoxy, or Junkbuster.

Given that ad filtering is exploding in popularity, any ads that slip past the barriers are valuable to advertisers. If your goal is to get the ads in front of as many of your site's readers as possible in order to keep impression rates high, penetration of default filter configuration is one factor to consider, given that not everyone is quite as extremist about filtering advertising as I am.
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