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I need to get an old drum set back into playing condition. What heads should I buy?

I started playing with a band again after not playing for a couple of years. Before that I was just playing with the heads that came with the set. Now I want to get some new ones.

I like a low, rich, throaty kind of sound without too much reverb. I was thinking about Remo Pinstripes, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions from those more experienced than I?

The band is a rock-and-roll group with occasional Django Reinhardt or other odd influences thrown in. The set is a Ludwig four-piece.
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you can go with the pinstripes - I played for years and never bothered getting other brands, except for the snare, for which there's a variety of heads for a variety of sounds. I'd usually get the coated ambassador. The most difficult part is the tuning... That's where you'll work to get the best from your drumset. Try with only the top head (for the toms) and adjusting it, before adding the bottom head (if you do put it).
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There's a number of good threads on this topic at Tape Op Magazine. Do a search for "drum heads".

I personally think coated Ambassadors are a good sonic fit for most styles of rock, but many people really mix and match the brand and type of top and bottom skins.
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Evans EQ3/whatever for toms are great. Clear-coat for class.
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