Batman TV fonts?
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Looking for a font similar to the one used in the 1966 Adam-West-era Batman tv show opening credits; any ideas?

So I'm in the preliminary stages of a little fan film project, and would like to do some opening credits in the style of the old Batman series. I'm guessing the original credits were done by hand as needed, but thought somebody might have created an homage font or that something similar existed out there. Anybody know of something like this?

Here's some samples:
The top of this page has examples from the standard opening of the show.

And here's one from the beginning of the episode (after the opening credits). It looks slightly more refined, and I'm thinking it might actually be closer to a standard font. (Maybe.)

I've tried Identifont and come up empty. Am also planning to hit some Batman fan forums, but thought I'd start here with my AskMeFi buddies.
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The font in your second example is Ad Lib.
The rest of the examples are some sort of an "Art Deco" style font.
posted by Thorzdad at 1:46 PM on February 19, 2008

You could try DaFont in the "comic" section. Just on the first page, Badaboom looks similar to what you're looking for.
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Blambot might be a good starting-point. There are a few there that might fit the bill...
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You can also try asking at the Typophile Type ID forum.
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Wow! Four replies in mere minutes! Thanks, AskMeFiFolk!

The second example is certainly Ad-Lib-esque, Thorzdad. Thanks for pointing that out. If all else fails, I can modify that to work. I think the holes in the Batman font aren't as square, and the capital "E" is sort of an anti-Ad-Lib (upside down). That's a big help.

Ah, I love DaFont. I tried their tv section, but didn't think to check the comic section. I'll comb that next; thanks geeky. I don't think Badaboom fits the bill, although that may be of great use for the visual sound effects in the fight scenes.

Blambot's another good place for a treasure hunt; thanks la morte de bea arthur. (Coolest forum name ever, btw, l.m.d.b.a.!!!)

And thanks for clueing me into Typophile, tepidmonkey. Wasn't aware of that resource.

Many thanks to all so far, and to any other folks with suggestions!
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