Batman, ya'll.
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How can I obtain Gotham font (or a font similar thereto) without paying an arm and a leg?

I know it's overused, but I love Gotham font.

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Here are some free geometric typefaces, with some similarities to Gotham: Not free, but installed in many computers: Futura, Century Gothic, Gill Sans, Humanist 521.

Most of these might pass the test when used in uppercase only. Some of the free fonts are a bit low quality (bad kerning, etc).
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What do you plan to do with it?
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Here are some suggestions for fonts that are somewhat similar to Gotham.
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If you're on OS X, Myriad Pro is quite similar.
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Myriad Pro is pretty much a clone of Frutiger. It has no resemblance to Gotham.
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Pay for it! Tobias and Jonathan are nice, hardworking artists. Believe me, they're not making bank.

If not, Avenir is the closest you're likely to get.
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@zadcat: Myriad Pro certainly does share characteristics with Gotham. A comparison: It has its differences, but is far closer than earlier answers like Gill Sans, Futura, Museo, Caviar Dreams..
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