What is your favorite Q?
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I am interested in making a small stamp with a letter Q to use to monogram clothing items. I don't like any of the ones I've seen with an alphabet set. Do you have a typeface with a nice letter Q, either capital or miniscule? I want it to be recognizable/readable and I tend to prefer more modern fonts but I'm open to everything.
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I quite like the capital Qs of Baskerville and Baskerville Old Face.
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Similar to the above: Mrs Eaves
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Maybe browsing some of the fonts here would help.
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Univers has the best one.
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Best answer: Personally, I think something like the Q in this blackletter font is the most iconic version of the letter.

If you want modern, you can't really do better than Johnston Underground or Gill Sans.
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John Stevens Shop uses wonderful typography in their stone work. They have a few Alphabet Blocks that have gorgeous letter forms.
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Best answer: A friend of mine has a tumblr collecting interesting Qs. Combined with Identifont, there's a lot you could use here.
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It may look simplistic, but I like the 'Q' in Qix.
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Letterhead Fonts is hands down the best place for decorative fonts.

And, question-do you mean modern as in current, or modern type, which has a meaning all it's own?
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Baskerville is very nice, Mrs Eaves too. Also very nice: Viking and Carolingia. I don't necessarily like the rest of those fonts, but the Qs are lovely.
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Oh, Q! There are so many ways to make you. Ornate, simple, thin as fishline or thick as steak. One of my favorite letterforms, obviously. I like many above (Mrs Eaves is quite nice), but the missing element here is probably my favorite way to make a Q, with a separated tail. Cochin is one such.

Another is the enormously overgrown cat-like tail in some bolder display fonts -- I don't know what this one is, offhand, but it's the kind I have in mind. Is that what you mean by modern?

Unless there were some deeper cultural significance, in this situation I would primarily prefer a classical serif typeface.
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