Mac music notation composer?
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SheetMusicFilter: Is there a program on Mac similar to Noteworthy Composer?

Noteworthy is a bare-bones music notation software that plays back as midi that actually lets you input notes onto a staff. In my working with Garage Band, it doesn't work the same can I get a mac-ready program that does the same things as Noteworthy?

Cheap options preferred...I'm not professional, so it's not worth my money to get something too expensive. I just want to take notes from my part of a multi-part chorus number and put them on the screen to play back.
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If you're not afraid of a little coding, MUP is pretty good. It works along the same lines as LaTeX does for typesetting, in that it takes a coded list of notes and outputs sheet music (and MIDI output as well.) It's full-featured and, best of all, dirt cheap (shareware, with a $30 registration fee to turn off the PRODUCED BY MUP watermarks that it puts on the scores.)
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The free version of Finale, Finale Notepad, should meet your needs. It's pretty much crippled if you want to do anything other than place notes on a staff and play them back within the same software (no MIDI export, etc) but for that one purpose, it's easy and free-as-in-beer.
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Alterscape, will Finale (the full version) export midi?
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Actually, it looks like the new free version of Notepad supports MIDI export and import. Great!
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Like MUP (that is to say, not WYSIWYG in any way), but completely free: Lilypond.
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Aria Maestosa! Free, open source, etc. Very easy to use. Frequently updated.
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