I don't want it to stand for "Poor scammed peon"
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In a few hours, I'm buying a brand new modded psp slim. What should I check for to make sure I'm not getting ripped off?

I don't even know the difference between the fat psp and the slim. It is supposed to have a bunch of games on it and be brand new. Is there a way to check the battery? Is there a serial number I should be looking for? Any help you can provide would be great. Thank you.
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How are you buying this? Craigslist? Will you have five minutes to turn it on and try it out before handing over the cash?
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Easy comparison: the original has an infra-red port, which was removed on the Slim.

Check the differences here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_Portable_Slim
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Modded, so it will have a modchip? Just a quick look around leads me to believe there is no modchip for the slim PSP, but I'm not as deeply embedded in the homebrew scene as I once was. The chip for the original PSP (called 'undiluted platinum') required some serious soldering chops to get in without bricking the PSP, if I'm not mistaken. Make sure you at least get to turn it on and see that it is running a game/app off of the memory card and not the UMD drive. Otherwise, you may be taken advantage of.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I can look at it for five minutes or so. I know to check for the psp-2000 model number, but I don't know where to check. And I didn't notice the comparison pictures link, magnakai. Is there a way to know about the battery? Also, it must be running games off the memory stick, right, so I have to make sure that it comes with a memory stick?
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Go google and you can tell what the difference between the slim and regular.

Modded means soft-modded. You'll want to browse some PSP mod sites and figure out the latest modded firmware and make sure the PSP you are buying has it.

As for games, please don't steal them.
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Latest firmware should be 3.90, and if it's properly modded, that should be followed by 'M33' when you look at the system settings.
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Oh, also ask if it includes the Pandora battery or not. If not, assume you will want to buy/make one that is PSP-slim compatible since it is the only way to unbrick it if it bricks during a firmware update.
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Response by poster: How do I check to see if the firmware is 3.90?
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I'm going off memory since my PSP is at home, but when you get it, in the XMB, sscroll to the left to settings, then down to 'System Settings' and then look for 'System Information'.

IIRC, you will see a screen that gives you the MAC, current IP and Firmware Revision. Ideally it should be at least at 3.80 M33 (it may have -1/-2/-3/-4/-5 after it, any is fine), and in a perfect world it would already be patched to 3.90 M33.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody. It now stands for Pretty Satisfied Player.
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