Recommend a chess program that runs in window rather than full-screen mode.
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Looking for a decent chess program that runs in a window rather than full-screen mode.

I have to sit through a ton of long meetings at work which require my presence but not so much active participation. Still, I need to keep a couple of programs running (MS Word, Excel, etc.) to keep track of what's going on. Can you recommend a chess game that I can run in a window, so that I can easily switch between the game and other programs? Doesn't necessarily have to be freeware. Thanks!
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If you have internet access, this might work:
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I'd recommened Arena with the Rybka chess engine. You can get the beta version of Rybka for free from here and Arena can be downloaded from here.

Installation instructions can be found here and you should be good to go. It's one of the very best chess engines you can use and you can upgrade to the full non-free version at some point if you feel the need. Arena is windowed and has all sorts of modes, from just viewing the board to seeing every possible stat and movement calculation and probability from the engine.

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Also.. Arena has a boss mode (hit a key and it disappears to a little network icon in the system bar), which definitely scores it some extra points.
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There's a web-based version of Shredder, with three difficulty levels.
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also, WebChess, which is an online version of GNU chess. GNU chess can be downloaded open source.
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