Looking for House Painter
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Can anyone reccomed a house painter in Salem, Oregon? I am restoring a lovely old bungalow and want someone who will do a really good job and is sensitive to old houses. Reasonably priced is good too.
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I don't know anyone in your area, but I do have some general advice. You may want to check with a paint store (like Sherwin Williams) that sells to contractors or the historical preservation society in your area for a list of referrals. Find some houses with nice paint jobs in the older part of town and ask the owners who did it. An enthusiastic referral should be given extra weight. Paint jobs that still look great after a few years deserve extra consideration also. More time should be spent on surface preparation than on paint application. Two coats is a must. Get at least 3 bids and listen to your gut. Check referrals. Get a written contract that you read thoroughly and understand before you sign it. It's better to spend a little more than not enough. If you spend a little more, the extra money spent is all you have wasted. If you spend too little, everything you have spent is wasted, plus whatever you have to spend to get the substandard work undone. Good luck babe!!!
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The Oregon houseblogger community is usually helpful in regards to contractors that they have had direct experience with.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I will definately check with Sherwin Williams, as I am planning on using their paint. I'll check out housblogger as well.
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