Working out during lunchtime
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Going to start working out during my lunch hour. When should I eat and what?

I'm going to start doing cardio during my lunch hour. Since I cannot eat then, when is the best time to eat, and are there any foods that I should try to eat? Weight loss is the goal.

I'm usually hungry after a workout, but I've heard its not good to eat after. Should I split it between before and after? Eat more breakfast and a later lunch?

Currently I get to work at 8, eat breakfast (cereal) at 9, lunch break at 12:30.
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I eat breakfast (usually pbj on english) at 8, run for 45-60 minutes starting at 11 to 11:30, then have a lunch after showering. If you need something before the run have a banana. Has really helped with weight loss over the last 5 mos.
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You should eat some fast sugar (banana or other fruit is ideal) within 20 minutes of finishing your cardio. When you get some time some protein but as little fat as possible would be ideal after a workout.

This article on nutrition can give you a better idea of how to create a diet for yourself to help you lose weight.

Keeping track of your caloric intake is essential to losing weight. I personally love Cron-O-Meter but many other people seem to prefer fitday.
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Contrary to what you've heard, anybody interested in building muscle SHOULD eat protein after a workout.
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Who told you that it is not good to eat after? That makes absolutely no sense. Eat after you workout.
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Nthing the advice that you should eat IMMEDIATELY after a workout.

There's lots of researched-backed info out there (too lazy to dig up links right now) that indicates that within 30-60 minutes after a workout is the BEST time to eat. The proteins are optimally utilized for muscle repair and adaptation, and the carbs go toward replenishing glycogen in muscle tissue and in the liver.

When you eat at other times, most of the carbs just get converted to fat and most of the proteins get broken down and excreted through your pee. Fat is invariably stored whenever you eat it and you can only shed it through slow, steady activity.
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I'm huge on the lunch workout. I tend to do a very rigorous run along with about 20 minutes of weights every day. My diet is as follows:
8am - Protein shake loaded with fruit to start the morning.
10am - 2 Cheese Sticks and some sort of carbs (a handful of crackers or pretzels)
11am - 1 apple and a small dollup of peanut butter to prep me for the workout.
Lift for about 20 minutes then run a good 4 miles.
1pm (or immediately following workout) - Kashi bar, protein bar, or if I'm poor a piece of bread and some chicken salad on it. Then when I can I'll eat some sort of lean cuisine, sandwich, or some small lunch type meal.
3pm - Carrots or a veggie and something else with a little bit of protein.
5pm - Dinner, usually a large portion of meat and a veggie side.
8pm - Bowl of cereal with fresh fruit.
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I've found that an apple or banana about 30 min before my workout keeps my energy up nicely. After workout, it's all about the protein. Low fat, high protein, lots of sleep and exercise, you can't go wrong!
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