Need my (English) German Journal
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Is the English-language version of the Deutsche Welle program "Journal" available online?

A local religious station used to have this nightly, but they were bought out by another station which doesn't run it. It's on a couple of satellite services but I can't get those, and Deutsche Welle blocks US residents from using their live stream. I've tried various proxies but 99% of the time they're too slow for video.

Any ideas for alternative sources?
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Best answer: I'll be happy if I'm wrong but I think the answer is no. Until several months ago I used to watch it on SOPCast but it suddenly disappeared. It was probably not legal anyway. I think Dish Network has an exclusive deal with Deutsche Welle in the US which is why their official streams are blocked. I wrote to DW some time ago to let them know of my disappointment. Perhaps emails from a few more people letting them know that they have an interested audience here without satellite and, who knows, they might have second thoughts next time they're signing contracts.

I don't have any particular connection with Germany but it's become a bit of a hobby of mine to watch other English language news around the world. DW-TV is certainly one I wish I could get again. It's a nice balance of news and interesting documentaries.
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Best answer: If you are in the Philadelphia area, DW Journal is on twice each weekday on public television WYBE. Maybe you could petition your local public television to pick it up?
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