Sharepoint Help: Web Applications not appearing in Shared Services Provider setup
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I am trying to configure a Sharepoint server's Shared Services Provider, but the Web Applications list is not being populated.

Otherwise, Sharepoint is functional - sites are created, users are logging and uploading content, etc. However when I go to configure Shared Services Provider (so I can get search up and running), I can't select any Web applications because no show up in the list.

Here is a screenshot.

I have created several Web applications, and even created some more by following the link from that screen, but they never show up. I've also tried restarting the server after creating them.

Is there some obvious step/configuration setting I am missing, or is this one of those "dig deep into the bowels of the server" problems?
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Are your web applications on a seperate server(s)? (Web-front-end)
posted by jkaczor at 10:36 AM on February 14, 2008

I'm sorry but it's been too long since I've done this (and will be a couple of months before I do it again) to remember how I fixed this when I saw it. If you really get stuck, though, I'll do what I can to try to figure it out again.

The tiny wee man in the cobwebbed ancient corners of my brain keeps shouting about how it may be permissions issues due to service accounts, but I'm not sure if I would credit it with anything more than a hunch at this stage of the game.
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jkaczor, everything is on the same server
posted by mikepop at 10:55 AM on February 14, 2008

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