What can they do with skin these days?
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I'm trying to find a good, regularly updated source of dermatology info that doesn't focus on advertising, celebrities, human oddities, or simple skin care advice.

I'd like to find something that discusses recent developments in the field in terms of trends, new treatments and the like, but I'm having a hard time finding more than superficial info about common procedures. I'd like to be more informed about the practice of dermatology in general, as well. Thanks in advance, MeFi.
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I am assuming that you don't want medical journals, which you already may have access to. So may I recommend a blog that is written by a plastic surgeon, Good Plastic Surgery which includes dermatology procedures. Do note that some medical images are NSFW. The blog discusses frank discussions of new procedures, with images of the good, bad and the ugly
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something like this or this?
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