Best hardware story employee in NYC?
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NYCfilter: I've been assigned to track down the most helpful, friendly, patient hardware store employee in the city.

It's sort of an annoying quickie assignment, since there are countless helpful men and women in nearly every hardware store, so the angle can focus more on personality: a beloved, avuncular sales rep who works the floor of a (preferably local, non-chain) store and has gained a small reputation as being the go-to person for newbies who can't screw in a light bulb.

Even if you think you're the only person who knows about him or her, I'm totally open to suggestions. This is a "Best Of" issue and it's always nice to reward people who make a name for themselves by being nice and efficient, eh?
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No particular suggestion, but try Pintchik in Brooklyn.
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Paul Goldman, Almac Hardware, 2 Newkirk Plaza, Brooklyn. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable; always happy to see you; a real neighborhood fixture.
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I've had a couple good experiences at Home Front Hardware (202 e 29th St). They are open 24 hours there and one of the women who works there was incredibly helpful (the 2 times I've been there). They seem to take the random late-night wanderings of the Murray Hill residents in stride too.
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Columbia Hardware, Broadway between 113th and 114th.
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The guy at the hardware store on the south side of 145th st half a block east of Broadway. He's always helpful to me... And I was amazed when he referred me to his competitor _across the street_ when he didn't have something. (Unless unbeknownst to me both stores are owned by the same folks.)
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Anyone in the ACE hardware store on 1st ave by 5th st.

I've been going there for 10 years and they've never been condescending or rude, no matter how basic or silly a question I've asked. And they've always come up with the right solution when I just explain the problem, sans technical terms.

A lot of the other hardware stores I've been to haven't been anywhere near that kind to a female.

They're also really great at suggesting cost saving alternatives if you've been told you need something by a repair person.

I'm terrible with names, but there's an asian guy and an older guy (white hair) that have been there forever and are great.
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