I need a new cast iron electric bbq
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Can anyone recommend an indoor electric bbq grill with cast iron or stainless steel grill?

I'm looking for a stand alone model without a teflon coating, the only one I've really seen is this type . Does the hive mind have any experience with any other types that they are happy with? I'm looking to spend under $200.
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Best answer: I've had this DeLonghi grill for a while and have been quite pleased with it, but it seems DeLonghi is phasing this model out in favor of a newer one with a cover (which is something I wish mine had) and an aluminum non-stick grate (which I'm not sure I'd prefer). The cast iron one is still available at the sites linked from the thisnext.com site I linked, but isn't available from the DeLonghi site, or from Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, etc.

The pluses of the cast iron are, of course, that it holds heat much better and grills more evenly; on the downside, cast iron is heavier and harder to clean, and despite the "naturally nonstick" ad copy you do need to oil the surface before cooking or you'll get some sticking. Oiling the surface, of course, increases the smoke output. Again, setting aside the ad copy ("Smokeless!", yeahright), don't use one of these if you don't have a good fan/vent system.

Overall, though, the grill does a very good job of cooking and I'm pleased I got it.
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Sorry--upon further review, most of the thisnext.com links go to the Sanyo model instead. The ones that work are Hammacher and the Green Head.
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Response by poster: I saw that one, but some reviewer on Amazon implied that it had a teflon coating, is it completely cast iron?
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Best thing I've found is an actual cast iron grill bought at the local supermarket. Sits on two of the stove rings, gets and stays nice and hot for grill marks, low amount of smoke compared to element-based grills, and will last forever.
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