Good hairdresser in San Francisco?
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Does anyone know a good hairdresser in San Francisco?

Do you know a hairdresser that you recommend to all your friends and family? Where if you go once you always go back? I'm looking for someone who can give me a haircut that will suit my face and personality. One that will make me feel sexy when I walk out the door. Even if I don't know what I want before I get there. Also, I'm really low maintainence with my hair, so it would be a plus if it grows out well.
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...and your gender is...
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This might be out of your way, but I love Corrie at Justin Michaels Salon in Dublin. She is awesome at color. Several of my friends and I have been visiting her for a while now.
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Festoon, with salons in Berkeley and SF, is fantastic. I've referred several people there (and I go there myself), and they've all come back happy and lookin' fab.
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Eddie at Zip Zap, which is at Haight and Fillmore. I've been going to him for....six years. Gives great cuts (men, women, long hair & short) and is way nice. Very rarely runs late. And the salon doesn't have gigantically loud music hammering out of the speakers - there's music, but you can still talk, and hear. Good place.
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Posted too soon: my hair's short, and Eddie has managed to figure out a cut such that I rarely have to go back more than every two months - when it gets to a length that I consider "too long", "shaggy", and "gotta get it cut right now!" it apparently still looks good to everybody else.
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look on They have tons of reviews and I found my hairdresser on it. I go to Anvil Hair Design, 773 14th Street, (415) 621-2231. Should be $30/$35 for a shorter haircut a bit more for long complicated hair. I love anvil because they are a punk rock kind of place but gave me a super easy low maintenance very not punk rock kind of haircut. The quality of the hairdressers there is really unexpected given the price.
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I would highly recommend Amber, at BladeRunners in the upper Haight (415-751-1723). I do nothing to my hair (literally; no blow dry, no product) and don't live there anymore, so only see her when I visit (every 4 months or so), and her cuts look great and grow out incredibly well. I've recommended her to friends who also love her.

She's also creative (I am one of those people who goes in and says "I don't know, I just want it to be different") and great at color, if that's something you're interested in.
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Seconding Anvil, and I tried A LOT of places before that. I had a haircut with Carol, who's listed as just an apprentice, but is awesome, and my hair looked good even though it took me 8 months to go back. (I have long layers right now). They're lovely, friendly people with great senses of style.
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I've been going to Ginger at Madu Salon on Divisadero since I think she was a student.

"I don't really know. You do what you want" is pretty much how I get mine done with her and she's pretty brilliant with it.

It's so easy to get a generic hipster haircut in San Francisco. I don't think I would ever say something as dangerous as "you do what you want" to most other stylists in this city. She's actually done several cuts and colors on me and people stop me all the time on the train and in line for coffee to ask me who did mine..
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It might be worth your while to travel up to Petaluma, to Rouge Salon on Kentucky and have Daragh cut your hair. She's my stylist and I've gone from generic $15-whatever haircuts to paying a premium rate and getting an amazing haircut. I love Daragh!
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