Is there something I can spray on clothing to make it repel pet hair?
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Is there something I can spray on clothing to make it repel pet hair?

We have a dog and a cat, both whom shed profusely. No matter how much we vacuum, there is always pet hair on the furniture, etc. Some clothing seems to naturally repel it, but other clothing is like a hair magnet.

What is it that makes some clothing attract more pet hair?

Is there something I could spray on the clothing to help it repel pet hair? Like feline Scotchguard?

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This is slightly off topic, but do you brush them at all? Brushing helps remove lose hair and cuts down on the shedding all over your furniture. I actually comb my cats' fur with a flea comb because it removes a lot more hair than a conventional cat brush.
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Best answer: Anti-static sprays can sometimes help (depending on the fabric) but in reality it's virtually impossible to keep your clothing free of pet hair. My household has three cats and two dogs, and I usually give myself a few thorough swipes with a lint brush when I'm going somewhere where I don't want stray pet hairs to show on my clothes.

What is it that makes some clothing attract more pet hair?

I've found that it's the texture of the fabric rather than the kind of fabric, that matters most... Soft/plush fabrics (like sweatpants and cuddly sweaters) will attract way more pet hair than smoother fabrics.
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The only thing you can do to keep hair off of your clothing is to wear all leather.

Seconding the brushing preventative.

If your dog has an undercoat, consider a shed-ender. My mom bought one at a drugstore and I sort of laughed, but then I tried it and it's truly miraculous. From April to July my dog sheds chunks of undercoat all over and this little comb can remove an entire plastic bag full in one grooming session. It won't work on the overcoat so if that's the source of your fur problem, consider a wide toothed rubber brush + slicker. Also, the shed-ender is great on cats.

Also, I recommend the 3M pet hair sticky rollers over all others. They cost more but they work GREAT. Also a hose vacuum fitted with an upholstry attachment makes the job very quick and easy.
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I have lint rollers on hooks and full length mirror by my front and back door. I love cats and at one point thought about getting all black cats and just wearing black clothing all the time.
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I have two tools that are aces at collecting hair off clothing and furniture: The Lint Wizard and the Zoom Groom, which I use the flat side of to sweep up hair. Both are about $10 and everlasting. The Lint Wizard is a two-directional lint brush that collects the lint/hair in a compartment, and the zoom groom is just silicone, I think. I got the Lint Wizard at Bed, Bath and Beyond and the Zoom Groom at the pet store. I have two fifteen pound longhaired cats in a 500 square foot apartment, and got so sad tossing away all those lintroller adhesive sheets.
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