Wordpress plugin for document management?
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Is there a Wordpress plug-in that does document management?

I do a lot of writing for my college newspaper and I have all of the articles I've written stored away in a few folders on my PC. My roommate is currently hosting a blog for me on a Wordpress MU platform.

I wanted to know if there was a semi-easy way I could go about uploading all of these articles and display links (and other pertinent information) in some sort of index page. It doesn't have to be fancy, but I'd rather not upload and manually link everything on a custom page.
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What format are the articles in? Just text files? If so, it might not be too much work to convert the files to a format Wordpress can import, so they'd show up as blog posts.

Here is a plugin that will apparently do what you want, but it's $30.
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I'm a little fuzzy on the whole "other pertinent information," and "display links" parts. What do you want besides text posted as a blog entry?
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Well, I was thinking I'd make a separate 'page' on the blog where I'd put the list of articles (each article could exist as a blog post). The other information would just be the article title and original date of publication.
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And the articles are currently in .doc format (but it wouldn't be hard to convert them to something else; there's no special formatting)
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If you import them as blog entries, you could assign them all the same category, and then view a list of them through the category archives.
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alternately, if your friend is willing to do a quick install for you, indexhibit is free and great for this kind of thing.
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If you're willing to consider switching tools, the free version of Movable Type (n.b. I work with the MT team) has a built-in asset manager, so you could bulk-upload all your files and tag them or have them show up as an index of your documents. MT can import your WP-MU blog, too.
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